My job as a travel agent started back in 1998 when I began managing and booking reservations for a large corporate travel agency and serving clients such as Oracle Corporation, Merck, Bank of America, Gallo Wines, and Parexel.

Little did I know that what started as a job would soon become my ministry and my life passion. I firmly believe that God has a special calling on each of our lives. My calling became clear in 2003 when I first booked tickets for a mission team my Dad was taking to Uganda. For so many missionaries and short term teams, finances are tight, and already small budgets must not be exceeded. As I began to work more and more with mission teams, I was astonished to discover the exorbitant service fees many travel agencies charged for booking reservations.

It was then that God opened my eyes to see the unique role I could play in missions: making it possible for missionaries to go! Suddenly, my profession was no longer just a job, but a strategic opportunity to participate in sending “workers into His harvest field.”

Since that day back in 2003, my goal and joy has been to provide low cost airfares to missionaries and humanitarian aid groups, to guarantee a quality of customer service that is above and beyond the call of duty, to maintain integrity and individual care not found in large travel agencies or wholesalers, and to do all I can to make the mission trip a success in the area of travel!

My mission is making your mission possible!

Over the last several years of carrying out this mission, the Lord has blessed my work beyond what I had ever hoped. Each year, I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of short and long term missionaries and humanitarian workers travel overseas. I give Him the credit entirely for the success of my business and for the vision He has given me to serve people across the globe in this way!

Some day my mission may be abroad; but today it is right here, in my office, sending you and so many others to share the love of Jesus.

Pam Burch